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A Statement on the Russian allegations about an end to Assad’s use of barrel bombs

A Statement on the Russian allegations about an end to Assad’s use of barrel bombs
In a public statement last Friday, October 30, 2015, the Russian UN ambassador Vitaly Churkin declared that the Syrian regime has finally seized the use of barrel bombs against its people. The ambassador claimed that this initiative came in response to the repeated calls from the Russian side, and that the scheduled Security Council session to discuss the issue of barrel bombs is thus no longer relevant. 
However, the realities on the ground in the city of Daraya prove otherwise, as the Syrian regime continues its systematic and indiscriminate use of barrel bombs, showering the city with scores of those bombs every single day. A total of 749 barrel bombs hammered Daraya during the month of October alone, claiming the lives of 11 civilians including 2 females, one of whom was pregnant and died with her only child. Since Saturday, October 31, 2015, the day after the statement of Mr. Churkin, 94 barrels were dropped on Daraya and this cascade of barrel bombs continues uninterrupted under the watchful eye of the international community that has regrettably chosen to believe the Russian fabrications and ignore the ongoing atrocities which were documented via dozens of video recordings as well as thousands of testimonies by the inhabitants of the city and the surrounding areas. 
The latest Russian statements are just another desperate attempt to deceive the international community and to whiten the image of the Syrian regime and buy it some extra time to execute even more crimes. Yet, the regime has shown once again that it does not refrain from deceiving even its closest allies and supporters.
November 3, 2015